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We Hate Everything

reviews on the worst of everything.

Dedicated to Bring You The Worst of Everything
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this is a place for people to come and warn the rest of the world about something awful. it could be your job, your girlfriends new haircut, your mothers cooking, a book, game or movie...whatever you think sucks!
write a review and see if others agree or disagree with you. and if they dont agree...write a review about them!

missfortune and _isavedlatinare the moderators of this community.

1) in order to post comments to others,you have to first write your own review. thats our only requirement. we arent gonna kick someone out for lurking but if you want to talk you have to write your own. if we catch you talking shit to others we will not hesitate to ban your ass.

2) no bullshit. you have to be pretty specific. in your review we want to know- what you hate, how much you hate it (scale of 1-10, 10 being highest), and exactly what made this thing so sucky. something like "i hate my new computer-it sucks" is not adequate enough.

3) the mods are always right.

if you have any questions or concerns please direct them to either one of us through email only! not in the community.

other than that

any questions for the mods